Flossing With Dr. Alina Lane

A Healthy Smile Is A Beautiful Smile

Most 5-year olds run away from the dentist—far, far away. Not Dr. Alina Lane! At just 5-years old, she knew she wanted to be a dentist. She admired her grandfather; his passion for improving his patients’ lives extended his dental career until his 90s. Fascinated by his stories, her grandfather’s enthusiasm for dentistry left an indelible imprint on her that would never be erased.

At Cornell, she studied Chemistry with a concentration in Biology, earning her degree in 2008. Today, she owns her own dental practice in Manhattan–opening just two years after graduating from dental school! She credits her time at Cornell for giving her the courage to strike out on her own. “Cornell demands a high level of academic excellence. I was always encouraged to push and challenge myself,” said Dr. Lane. “Cornell prepares you for the challenges that you take on in the real world.” 

When Dr. Lane started her practice, she had to learn how to hire and train the right people, purchase materials, and deal with insurance and taxes—neither were taught in dental school. She had to figure it out on her own. Learning from her mistakes, she improved her systems and honed her business acumen, which helped her persevere and achieve success. She also credits her Cornell education—again. “Balancing a challenging course load with extracurricular responsibilities taught me how to be organized and to structure my life,” Dr. Lane explained. Over the next five years, she hopes to expand her practice.

Dr. Lane also brings the Cornell tradition of excellence to her patients. “I want to provide a high quality level of care to my patients,” said Dr. Lane. Dentistry is more than just a job to her. “As I learned from my grandfather, we are transforming people’s smiles and building self-confidence,” expressed Dr. Lane. “We are fortifying the gateway to their bodies and helping them remain healthy.”

Recently, she transformed a bride’s discolored and gap-toothed smile to one that denotes pride and happiness. She noted: “It feels good to make my patient feel joy when smiling.

Ray Romano copy

Photo By Tom Caltabiano: Dr. Alina Lane with Ray Romano

Though it has been several years since her graduation, Cornell still has her heart. “I credit my magical years at Cornell with providing me the foundation to build a successful career and a meaningful personal life,” raved Dr. Lane. She also appreciates the diversity of friendships she found at Cornell. “I loved that there are so many different people with different interests that you learn from at Cornell,” said Dr. Lane. “You are not stuck in a bubble.” 

For those wondering how to care for your Big Red smile, Dr. Lane recommends eating a healthy diet along with brushing twice a day and flossing. “If you are drinking tons of soda, eating sugary food and snacks, then it doesn’t matter if you brush twice a day and floss,” explained Dr. Lane. “The mouth is a gateway to your body. You have to take care of it.”

At her core, she’s a small town girl unfazed by any celebrity that drops by her office. “I treat everyone the same,” said Dr. Lane. “I want to provide a service to everyone regardless of where they come from,” added Dr. Lane. “I really live for dentistry. I live for my patients.” 

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Photo Courtesy of Dr. Alina Lane